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  • Catch the Ghost™ Launch

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    Catch the Ghost™ Launch

    It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of Aeeiee’s latest iOS app called Catch the Ghost™.

    We all find it hard to put down our phones, and there’s a reason for that. Big companies spend billions of dollars to make their apps as addictive as possible. This results in a lot of wasted time and focus on things that aren’t really important.

    Catch the Ghost turns this on its head by rewarding you for not using your phone. We turn not using your phone into a game, and we make that game addictive. Over time, this trains your brain to be more focused and less distracted.

    We invented a technology we call Digital Hourglass™. It counts the time you spend off your phone but doesn’t show you the minutes ticking by, so it feels less stressful. If you manage to not use your phone until the hourglass runs out, you get rewards that make you feel good and our app helps track your productivity over time.

    What are ghosts? The ghosts are the biggest reward in our game. Ghosts in our app are famous historical figures, each with multiple “apparitions.” An apparition captures a key moment in their life, complete with authentic quotes and relevant artwork. As you collect all the apparitions through focus sessions, you gradually uncover the ghost’s full story. We keep their identities a mystery until the end, adding an element of surprise and anticipation as you learn.

    Catch the Ghost wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work, excellence, and dedication of my team of engineers and designers from around the world, our board of directors (Joseph Huang, Dabi Adeyemi, and Matthew Magruder), and the support of friends and family, many of whom helped us beta test this app.

    Catch the Ghost™ is available now on iOS for $0.99.

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