The best solution for keeping measurements safe, accessible, and organized.

Whether you’re a tailor or you just want to keep track of your body measurements for online shopping, Dress Measurement is the perfect tool for you. Download now to get started.


The new

Custom Measurement

feature allows you to create your own measurement. Available for Tailor Shop Users!


Manage your iCloud data with the new

iCloud Submenu

Settings. Available for Tailor Shop Users!


Measure accurately with the new

Reference Measurement feature

which lets you create reference points for other measurements. Also available for Tailor Shop Users.


Dress Measurement is a Tailor’s Best Friend

With just a few taps, you can easily enter your measurements and save them for future reference. Never worry about forgetting or losing all those sizing information again – keep them secure with Dress Measurement.

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

Watch Demo

Benefits & Features

Discover more features of Dress Measurement

Save Measurements

Manually enter and save body measurements in centimeters & inches

iCloud Storage for Everyone

Backup your data to the cloud, and sync with multiple devices.

Share and Export in PDF & CSV

Export and share measurements in PDF or CSV with ease.

Add Photos & Notes

Personalize each measurement with photos and notes.

Create Custom Measurements

Create custom measurements that fits your unique needs.

Manage Client’s Measurements

Simplify your workflow by managing all client measurements in one place.


What People are Saying..

Does what I need. Keeps my measurement right at hand. Can easily update measurements as needed. Has most needed measurements. A useful and beneficial app!

— Qimar, iOS App Store

Great app for tracking body measurements. I love using this app. I use this app to track my body measurements like my waist and bust size to make online shopping easier. 

— Bob McGlob, iOS App Store

Just what I was looking for! The easy-to-read diagrams have come in handy many times when I’ve had to explain measurements to non-tailors 

— Pomatojuice, iOS App Store

I love using this app. It’s easy to use and has a nice, simple design. Highly recommend this app if you want to save body measurements for future reference.

— McGlob, iOS App Store

I’m a designer and I love this app!!! It is AMAZINGLY!! This app made storing measurements and making measurements easy.

— loveystylz, iOS App Store

Our Pricing

We created a flexible and affordable pricing plan to fit your different needs.


You can use dress measurement app for free with unlimited profiles.


  • Unlimited Profiles
  • PDF Export
  • iCloud Backup
  • Ad Supported

No Ads

You can use Dress Measurement without ads.


(Just once)

  • Unlimited Profiles
  • PDF Export
  • iCloud Backup
  • No Ads


Enjoy our premium features with tailor shop. Free trial for one month and you can cancel anytime.


  • Unlimited Profiles
  • PDF Export
  • CSV Export
  • Add Photos
  • Add Notes
  • Multiple Profile Export
  • Custom Measurement
  • No Ads

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