Dress Measurement

A convenient app for small business owners in the fashion industry to take measurements and keep track of their clients data!

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Hosting & Cloud

Automatic scaling up of your cloud hardware to handle large spikes in traffic for when you go viral

App Development

Build iOS apps in Apple’s latest language Swift and access the biggest app store in the mobile market

IT Solutions

Setup critical infrastructure for your business, including networking, email, and VPN


Dynamic and responsive websites that look great no matter what device you’re using. Built in HTML5, CSS, PHP, and Javascript

Latest News

Getting Started with Local by Flywheel

Developers always need a local environment to write, run, and test their code before deployment. At Aeeiee, one of the technologies we use is WordPress, but we need to be able to develop WordPress locally before pushing it to production, hence our use of Local by...

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Everyday life at Aeeiee

January 2021 Update: This article was originally written in 2020. It’s now 2021 and thankfully,  many more companies are learning to cope better with COVID. Let’s hope that this year brings in an effective Vaccine and things go back to some sort of normalcy.  2020 has...

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