Big Bug Fix: Catch the Ghost Version 1.1.1 is Out!

Last Monday we released Catch the Ghost™ version 1.1 and we were really excited about its new features. It turns out that in our excitement we missed a crucial test where we needed to make sure that upgrading from the previous version didn’t crash the app.

Lo and behold, my wife upgrades her app from 1.0.3 to 1.1 and suddenly it’s crashing and it won’t open. I think it’s a fluke due to her phone, and I simple delete and re-install the app at which point it works well.

A couple days later, I’m doing a test on TestFlight, and I run into the exact same bug. Upgrading from 1.0.3 to 1.1 causes the app to crash.

So it turns out that everyone who upgraded from 1.0.3 in the whole entire world, couldn’t access Catch the Ghost anymore. Not just any bug, but a CATASTROPHIC bug 😅 That’s really embarrassing, so please accept our apologies and accept our fix.

We’ve released version 1.1.1 to the App Store as of this 9:00 am ET this morning, and everything is working smoothly again. This is the reality of building a product for scale. You’re going to break things sometimes, and learn in the process. But thank you for your support, and we’ve updated our testing processes to catch this type of bug going forward!

You can download Catch the Ghost version 1.1.1 on the App Store today.