Aeeiee is hiring again!

Aeeiee is hiring again!

One of our goals for 2020 is to get back on the iOS App Development train. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of success with Dress Measurement, with over 26,000 downloads from 126 different countries. Over 12,000 of those downloads were in this year alone. We’ve also maintained a 4.6/5 rating in the app store. This is despite not having updated our app since July 2018.

Things are all going to change as I am going to be stepping away from my client-facing project manager role and refocusing on iOS development. We have Dress Measurement 1.4 90% complete, with an all new UI, body models, and the much awaited custom measurements feature.

We’re also going to be focusing on shorter release cycles, so you don’t have to wait a year to get an app update. Sorry about that 😉

We have three new positions open; if you know anyone skilled in these areas, please send them the links to these pages and they can apply online today!