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Meet Our Team

David Ovienmhada

Founder & CEO
Chairman of the Board

Matthew Magruder

Board of Directors

Dabi Adeyemi

Board of Directors

Joseph Huang

Board of Directors

Omkar Totade

Lead Developer

Anesi Igebu

Product Owner

Steven Adembesa

Software QA Tester & Assistant Scrum Master

Kolawole Jimoh

Full Stack Engineer

Oloruntobi Awoderu

DevOps Engineer

Adekemi Borode

Lead UX Designer & Writer

Ifeoma Ukandu

UX Designer

Damilola Ige

iOS Engineer

Teddy Yongo

Full Stack Engineer Intern

Giving Back

GK Folks Foundation

In November 2019, Aeeiee was the platinum sponsor for the Miss Africa Arizona event created by the GK Folks Foundation in coordination with the African Student Association of ASU. Our CEO led a two day African history bootcamp for the fifteen contestants. Aeeiee provided scholarships to the winner and 3 runners up. Aeeiee is always looking for opportunities to promote historical literacy and cultural awareness. We believe as A.N. Wilson says, “It is only through studying [history] that we come to understand ourselves as individuals and as a people.” Though Covid made holding an event impossible in 2020, Aeeiee has remained a sponsor through 2021.

Yielding Accomplished African Women

YaaW is an accelerator program designed to help create opportunities for women in science and technology. By providing a professional pipeline for African women in Ghana, the organization seeks to close the gender gap in STEM fields. Aeeiee is well aware of the representational disparity for Black women in STEM fields, and we are making efforts as an organization to do better to create opportunities for these women. We have begun a modest yearly donation to this organization.

Khan Academy

Aeeiee’s leadership and development team can attest to how Khan Academy has enriched our lives, and provided resources to help us achieve our learning goals both in and out of school. With regard to STEM fields, Khan Academy provides quality education often even more approachable and engaging than what you find at top level universities. To further the goal of providing a full and free online education to everyone in the world, Aeeiee donates monthly to Khan Academy.


Instant access to all the world’s collective knowledge for free is taken for granted. Our team at Aeeiee has found it to be a valuable resource in our daily lives as we strive to learn new things about the world around us. One of Aeeiee’s core values is lifelong learning, and Wikipedia provides a good first step to accessing a world of information. Aeeiee donates a small monthly sum to keep knowledge accessible and free.