Analytics and Metrics

We interprete data to create custom real-time reports about your web traffic to proactively identify user trends, recognize emerging opportunities, improve conversion and provide actionable recommendations.


We access data sources that provide information you need to understand your business performance


Not all data is useful and not all sources are reliable. We sift through data to analyze information that is relevant and beneficial.


Reports are detailed, compelling, available in real-time and custom made to suit your business needs.

Track and Measure

Tracking and measuring your website traffics allows you to react quickly to changes in your market and enables you to take advantage of beneficial opportunities.

Performance Reports

The performance monitoring reports we provide are easy to understand, export and manipulate. The reports can provide valuable information during important decision making processes and help to drive brand strategy

Google Analytics Integration

We integrate google analytics with your website to help you track performance. It allows you to monitor ad performance, track productivity and measure the impact of your content. The information gleaned will help your business create targeted campaigns and improve webpage quality.

Custom Event Tracking

Curious about the performance of a particular aspect of your website? We can set up custom event tracking to understand how your website visitors interact with a certain web page element, which helps you make data driven decisions that optimize your content.

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