Scalable Cloud Architecture

All business owners dream of their product/service/content going viral. You know you’re a genius, we know you’re a genius, it’s only a matter of time before the world recognizes that too. When that day comes you want to be prepared. Aeeiee provides automatic scaling of your hardware to handle large spikes in traffic. Elastic scalability ensures that your site continues to work at optimum efficiency even under increased workload.


Increased traffic to your websites creates a need for more space. With scalable hardware you get access to storage resources when you need them. Your cloud hardware is automatically scaled up or down to meet demand. We choose the operational system, database, and services that are appropriate for your business.  This approach is cost-effective, flexible and allows you to use only what you need.

Reliable and Secure

We use the AWS infrastructure to scale your hardware. AWS is known for its reliability and security. There are strong security protocols in place to to protect privacy and many tools available to implement security best practices. Our team is knowledgeable about the AWS security policies and processes. This knowledge enables us to protect your data and assets effectively.

Database Migration

Migrate your databases to the AWS platform quickly


DDOS & Brute Force attack mitigation, VPN, Encryption

Account Management

Manage user access and directory


We teach your team how best to utilize AWS Services

AWS Service Adoption

Implement the appropriate AWS Services for your business

Customized Service

Tailor our hosting services to fit your business needs


Integrate useful software applications with AWS data sources

 Performance Analysis

Analyze performance of databases on the AWS platform

Expert Support

Provide expert support for AWS services like Elasticache and RedShift

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