The Challenge

Build a corporate intranet for employees, contractors, and project workers with a robust permissions hierarchy to allow access to certain portions of the site on a need-to-know basis. The site must function as a hub for corporate news, policy, documentation, employee interaction, and an address book. Users must be able to upload articles, videos, and more with a streamlined workflow approval process with contributors, editors, and publishers.

The Solution

Using the Drupal CMS, Aeeiee created a robust system that integrates Microsoft Active Directory (AD) with Drupal using both standard and custom modules to allow for the automatic and streamlined creation and deactivation of employee accounts as they are hired and depart from the company. Permissions hierarchies are automatically derived from AD with manual overrides optional. We’ve added in the ability to upload Articles, Pictures, Videos utilizing HTML5, using simple drag and drop features. This project is ongoing and managed by Aeeiee for ongoing updates, tech support, and features.


CMS Configuration


Custom Code


Custom Styling

Day Turnaround

Project Feature

Active Directory Integration

The biggest single feature of this corporate intranet is the integration of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to the CMS, allowing all company employees to login using their Windows network credentials. User data is pulled from AD to create an easy to use global address book so that employees can easily find contact info for who they’re looking for, which is important for a company with many office locations, some of which are inter-state, and international.