Iridium Messaging

The Challenge

Build – from the ground up – an entirely new messaging platform to replace and aging application. Communicating with Iridium’s network of 66 satellites, the site must feature backend user management, analytics, and a secure API. The system must be able to handle thousands of text messages sent per hour with compatibility on as many browsers as possible for worldwide support, including the dreaded IE 6.

The Solution

This site is unique in that it doesn’t use a CMS for it’s foundation. All code was handwritten by Aeeiee. We used hand coded HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript to build an extensible and upgradeable application, as well as implementing the latest online security protocols. This system uses a secure API to integrate with smartphone apps to provide the same messaging functionality as is available on the web.


Web Design


Server Side Programming


API Integration

Day Turnaround

Project Feature

Satellite Network Integration

Iridium Communications, Inc. owns and operates a robust network of over 66 satellites, the only company in the world that provides global satellite communications coverage. is just a small piece of that puzzle, allowing people to contact their loved ones at any time whether they’re at the top of a mountain, or in the middle of the ocean.