Iridium Blog

The Challenge

Redesign an existing WordPress blog and integrate seamlessly into the company’s current web experience. Due to certain constraints, a custom hosting setup was necessary. Moreover, an exact matching to’s look and feel, all the way down to the exact CSS styling and responsive layout for mobile devices. Furthermore, a backlog of millions of spam messages made moderating user comment near impossible.

The Solution

We upgraded the WordPress installation and all plugins to the next major release, patching any security holes. This was followed by making code customizations to the plugins for any features of the plugins that were now deprecated. We found an extensible theme for which we coded new styling by hand to match our client’s online web experience exactly. We incorporated anti-spam tools to clean up over 2 million spam messages in the comments queue.


Server Setup


CMS Configuration


Custom Styling

Day Turnaround

Responsive Web Design

A Mobile Future

Today, up to 80% of web traffic comes from tablets and phones, so your website needs to easy to navigate on those devices.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

CMS and plugin upgrades, as well as a complete theme overhaul means more security and a brand new experience for your users.

Web Analytics

Our custom analytics setup allows you to funnel users to the right areas and increase conversions.