Dress Measurement

The Challenge

Dress Measurement is Aeeiee’s first foray into app development. Rather a client build, this is our own in-house direct to consumer product. Today, any business idea requires a top down solution, from the name and branding, to the web domain, to search engine optimization concerns, to website and hosting, to technical support, all the way down to the UI and user experience. The challenge was to make a compelling app that would benefit a niche group of users in the custom clothier, fashion design, tailoring, and sewing industries. The app needed to be universal, meaning it works both on iPhone and iPad, with an elegant minimalist UI to make things as user-friendly as possible.

The Solution

Dress Measurement was designed for Apple’s iOS ecosystem because of the ease of the development process and the lack of fragmentation. Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 9, has an adoption rate of 86%, while Google’s latest OS, Android 6.0, has an adoption rate of only 15%. It’s generally safest to make an iOS app first and see how it does, before investing the vast amount of resources needed to make a similarly successful Android app. Joining together graphic design and object oriented programming (OOP) in Apple’s latest language, Swift, Aeeiee was able to make a compelling, beautiful, and universal app in the short span of one month.


Swift Programming


Graphic Design


Web Design

Day Turnaround

Project Highlights

Universal App

Dress Measurement works on iPhone 4, iPhone 6s+, and all the models in-between. This group of phones encompasses 3.5 inch, 4 inch, 4.7 inch, and 5.5 inch screens. Moreover Dress Measurement works on iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. Having one app work on seven different screen sizes, allows you to reach the largest segment of customers, and increase the chances of success for your app.

Xcode 7 allows for quick development

Apple’s Xcode 7 and Cocoa Touch platforms provide tools like Size Classes, Constraints, and Stacks, combined with the new and powerful Swift language to allow developers like Aeeiee easily implement projects for an array of screen sizes, without having to pull out our hair! This means less wasted time in the debugging and testing phase, and a quicker turnaround.